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This was a total renovation of the existing home with only one room being left unchanged. Quite a challenge but the outcome is magnificent.

"When we approached our architect Paul Davies, Alex Goldfinch and Wendy Crane, we had a 1940s double brick architecturally designed home with a provisional heritage listing. Whilst the house aesthetically pleasing externally, inside the rooms were of odd sizes, and there was a lack of fluidity in the layout. The staircases were best described as scary. Our brief to the architect was to transform this well loved home into a larger modern architectural statement, but keeping its exterior spanish facade to comply the heritage listing. We wanted it to last another 100 years before the next owner felt it needed another renovation.

Andrew Simpson was recommended by our architects who has worked with him on numerous occasions. It gave me confidence to know that if an architect has had multiple positive experience with a builder, the workmanship is bound to be good. From the start, we found Andrew to be responsive and punctual. He understood the brief conveyed by the architects and followed the architectural drawings as prescribed. Where they were areas of contention in the design, he professionally raised it with the architect and engineer. Having been in the business for many years, the experience shows through, knowing which product or technique is best suited for the application. This was particularly important as the house had a lot of old house issues.

As any old house would, the demolition process revealed a few structural gems. Naturally these were dealt with without too much fuss, after consultation with the architect and engineers. We had regular meetings fortnightly to assess the progress of the build and to raise any issues. Andrew utilises a team of quality subcontractors. Most of whom he uses regularly. They in return praise the quality of his workmanship and eye for detail. He was very good with organising tradesman and was able to provide updates with timelines fairly regularly. When the job was completed, he organised for the site to be cleaned up, and the internal areas cleaned. In the post-construction phase, Andrew promptly rectified any defects noted

Our architects were instrumental to the success of this stunning renovation. They took on board what we disliked in the current house and what we needed in the new project. They were able to come up with a great design that ticked every box for us, satisfied the heritage requirements and passed though Ku-Ring-Gai council without any objections. Through their vision, we have an amazing kitchen/living area that can be used for many purposes. We have plenty of external and internal entertaining areas. Externally, it still has a strong spanish influence in the design. They provided strong recommendations when they felt it was best to go the extra mile to achieve a stunning results over a half-cooked job. To their credit, they were right, and the recommendations made a difference.

Overall, we have been very pleased with our architects and builder in our major renovation project. We would be delighted to recommend them to anyone."



"Andrew and his team are top-notch builders and I would recommend them to anyone, with no reservations. Andrew and his sons led the build on my Surry Hills terrace renovation, and delivered high quality work, on time, and with no hassle.They met with me weekly at the site to review the status of the build and continually showed significant progress. All sub-contractors hired by Andrew and team were also extremely professional, delivering good quality work.
Andrew and his sons were a pleasure to deal with, answering all of my questions and offering recommendations and advice when necessary. despite some expected rain delays through the winter, Andrew pushed for the project to stay on track and finish on the revised schedule. A year later, I am still extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the care they took completing my renovation exactly to spec. In fact, in the months following the completion, Andrew and his sons gladly came in and helped with any additional small repairs required.
As already said, I would recommend AS&KB with no reservations. Andrew and the team were great to work with!

Thanks again Andrew!"


"We bought this house some time ago & as services started to fail the essential need for renovation was clear.
Our architects (NordonJago) and builder Andrew Simpson have done a superb job.
Andrew & his team were meticulous with great attention to detail & a strong focus on serving us the customer.
With latent conditions e.g. rock, there was always going to be a discussion about variations but this was done with great professionalism and on a 'no surprises' basis.
At the end of the job we were delighted with the product and the people.
Would I engage Andrew again? In an heartbeat."

Michael & Elizabeth Deegan

"I can't recommend Andrew Simpson and AS & KB Constructions highly enough. Andrew oversaw the renovation of my Enmore terrace and ensured that all the work carried out was first class, on time and on budget. He has a great team working for him, everyone knew exactly what they should be doing and when, and high standards were maintained throughout the project. Communication between the architect and the builder was excellent and between them any of the issues that inevitably arise on a build were dealt with immediately and without fuss." The end result of the hard work has been a lovely and very well built home. "

Best regards,
Enmore NSW 2042

We are thrilled that we engaged AS&KB Constructions.
All of our issues and problems ended once Andrew and the team came on board.
They did a fantastic job; they were on schedule, managed the sub-contractors well, worked
extremely cooperatively with the architect, achieved a high quality result that remains high quality years later.
Further, I've been thrilled with the post-construction relationship with the company. Great service all round.
They managed to successfully merge a Victorian-era cottage with an eco-friendly, modern addition.
I'd hire them again in a flash."

David Dekel, Ashfield

18-20 Little Surrey St, Darlinghurst.

AS & KB Construction won the tender to part demolish, renovate and add another level to our new home in 2006. It was a typical inner city dog leg back lane site with all the usual access difficulties. This issue was compounded by a couple of particularly difficult sets of neighbours.

The whole project was professionally run and highly collaborative with an excellent working relationship between builder, architect and owners. The finishes were of the highest quality and any issues we raised were acted upon quickly and with no fuss. We were more than satisfied with the finished build and continue to be so.

Andrew and his sons also returned whenever asked to address any issues arising post the initial build and completion.

We would highly recommend Andrew and his team and I am available to discuss further if required on terence@oobi.com.au


Terry Deane & Alex Riggs.

"Our experience of renovating our terrace was thoroughly positive.Throughout the process we were able to work closely with Andrew and our architect to resolve issues and make minor adjustments, and this kept the whole project comfortably on the rails. The weather & one or two minor problems created inevitable some minor delays. Even so, with agreed changes & additional items we finished it to the original spec for less than 5% over our original budget.
Our house was transformed by the work we did nearly six years ago and we are still thrilled with it. Even having lived in it all this time, there is nothing we would change."
Sam Grimmer Waterloo

Blues Point Tower
We let Andrew have a total free run with the design & construction of this project. After purchasing this very original unit we had some ideas of what we wanted as a finished product. We discussed these ideas with Andrew & he improved on our ideas suggesting different finishes which in the end produced a magnificent result which we are now proud to call home.
We highly recommend Andrew & his sons to any prospective client.
Peter & Donna